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Harmony with Meaning

AfterGlow Chorus is an advanced, auditioned chamber choir of 36 highly-skilled, experienced singers based in Oakland, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area. AfterGlow's mission is to perform beautiful choral works of all genres with the highest level of musicianship and emotional impact.

"Virtual Insanity: Mass Shootings & Madness of the Modern World" is a special concert honoring the victims of mass shootings through the unique emotional power of music.

Ten years after the horrific mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, the powerful music in the concert will explore a broad range of complex emotions, including grief, loss, anger, and healing. Here are a few of the music selections:

  • "Let My Love Be Heard" by Jake Runestead (a modern choral classic stunning in its emotional impact with a direct connection to the Paris 2015 Bataclan shootings)

  • "Only in Sleep" by Eriks Esenvalds (a gorgeous piece reflecting on idyllic childhood memories)

  • "Lacrimosa / Take My Life" by Isaac Cates (an incredible, original Gospel mashup of the Lacrymosa movement from the Mozart Requiem)

  • "Remember Me" from the movie Coco (a beautiful song from this touching movie)

  • "Water Guns" by Todrick Hall (a hard-hitting song about gun violence)

  • "We Shall Walk in the Valley of Peace" by Moses Hogan (an amazing setting of an African-American spiritual)

  • "Change" by Christina Aguilera (lyrical, moving song written in the aftermath of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shootings in 2016)

  • "Watch Them Burn" by Chris Singleton (a raw, country song in reaction to the Las Vegas shootings)

  • "Virtual Insanity" by Jamiroquai (classic jazz-funk from the British band about an increasingly dystopian, technology-dependent society)

The wonderful jazz / R&B singer Clif Payne will also be our very special Guest Artist for these concerts.

Here is a YouTube playlist of some of the concert songs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeLtdDKoF3VS5PPwZ0fQn9UxqLTYNvzFY

Total Praise - AfterGlow Chorus Concert - August 2022

Total Praise - AfterGlow Chorus Concert - August 2022

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