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Rehearsal & Concert Schedule


The Spring Concert program is a special program called "What's Love Got To Do With It?" in inspired by the life of the late, great Tina Turner. We will be singing a broad range of music around the themes of love and healing.​

Unlike most other choirs, AfterGlow rehearses in intensive, 4-week periods right before each concert. Prior to the first rehearsal, singers learn, study, and practice their parts on their own.

Rehearsals are very fast-paced due to the compressed schedule and high-caliber of singers. Regular rehearsals (unless indicated otherwise) are held at First Presbyterian Church of Oakland in the popular Uptown neighborhood in Oakland. The rehearsal location is very easily accessible by mass transit (e.g., BART). Many singers also carpool with each other. Free parking is also readily available.

Here is the accelerated rehearsal schedule (ALL REHEARSAL & CONCERT DATES ARE MANDATORY):

There is also an optional, fun, social get-together on Saturday 1/20 from 3 pm - 5 pm at First Congregational Church of Oakland.

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