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Choir Geek Humor

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Recently, there was a fun, tongue-in-check post by ClassicFM entitled, “24 things you’ll only understand if you sang in your school choir.”

The humor, while limited in appeal to choir geeks, certainly had more than a few nuggets of truth in them. They are also filled with amusing, visual GIFs and other silly images.

Here are some of fun bits of humor with some of our random comments:

1. “Being eternally haunted by the sound of vocal warm-ups”

Ah, vocal warm-ups! Either the bane of choir existence, or an actual, useful tool in building choral sound and musicianship.

2. “Doing all the warm-ups and STILL running out of breath in the middle of a phrase”

Hopefully, our choral warm-ups are geared to raising energy and exhausting singers.

3. “Forgetting your words and mouthing along in the hope that no one will know”

Happens to everyone? Maybe not.

4. “Being forced to partake in awkward dancing and/or swaying”

Hopefully, this will never, ever happen in AfterGlow Chorus.

5. “Being unable to see the conductor because a very tall soprano is standing in front of you”

Actually, this is usually because of a tall bass.

6. “Learning an extravagant harmonised version of ‘Happy Birthday’”

Didn’t Michael Jackson own the rights to “Happy Birthday?”

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