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"Only in Sleep" by Eriks Esenvalds

AfterGlow Chorus is pleased to present two special concerts in Oakland on October 30th and November 6th called "Virtual Insanity: Mass Shootings & Madness of the Modern World." Ten years after the horrific mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, we honor and remember the victims of the growing number of mass shootings through the unique emotional power of music. The profound music in the concerts will explore a broad range of complex emotions, including grief, loss, anger, and healing. One of the beautiful songs that we will be performing is "Only in Sleep" by Eriks Esenvalds. This gorgeous choral piece remembers the idyllic nature of childhood with friends from long ago. We share this amazing YouTube video of a performance by Trinity College Choir Cambridge. We hope that you will be able to join us for these special concerts at at 4 pm on October 30th and November 6th!

Early Bird Tickets Now On Sale

A limited quantity of Early Bird Tickets ($10 discount) are now on sale!

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